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IRC halogen spotlights

An image of a halogen spotlight. IRC halogen spotlights are great for accent lighting, such as for highlighting art, and mood lighting.

Price guide

From $5 per bulb.


  • Use up to 30% less energy than standard halogen spotlights
  • A lifetime of at least 2000 hours, over twice as long as a standard halogen bulb
  • Can be used in light fittings with dimmers or operated by sensors

Keep in mind

  • Halogens operate at high temperatures so be careful to position where they won't be easily touched
  • For lights that will be left on for a long time, CFLs or LEDs are a better, more efficient choice than halogens

Where to buy them

Easily available at most DIY outlets and specialty lighting stores, usually available at supermarkets and variety stores.

Want help finding the right one?

Use the efficient lighting tool to help you find the right halogen spotlight for your fitting.