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Episode 2 :: Heat loss in the home

In this episode we'll look at where heat escapes from in our homes, and how we can hold it in and stop cold air coming in.

Many New Zealand homes are cold and uncomfortable because heat leaks out through every gap and uninsulated area - like water through a sieve.

Plugging up the gaps and getting well-installed insulation into your home will make it easier to heat, and warmer, drier and healthier to live in.

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Did you know?

Around 900,000 homes in New Zealand have inadequate ceiling or underfloor insulation - that's nearly 60% of all homes.

If everyone made a small effort to keep heat in all of the time - like plugging up our draughty doors and windows or closing our curtains at sunset to keep the heat in - we could save the country over $100 million in energy each year. At $60 per household each year that's a pretty conservative estimate, and in reality many households could save even more.