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Episode 30 :: Using energy wisely

From making toast to powering a factory, energy is part of all our lives. Think of it like a jigsaw - it's about connecting all the pieces around how we use energy at home, on the road and at work every day.

The energy efficiency jigsaw

Using energy wisely needn't be hard work and you don't need to go without. You can start by doing free or low cost things that make a difference. Smart choices will help you get the most from your energy.

Our energy efficiency jigsaw tool provides you with the information and tips you need to know about energy use at home, on the road and in business, and will point you in the direction of more detail if you need it.

Once you start to join up the pieces, you'll see how easy it is to have a warmer comfortable home that costs less to run and have lower fuel bills when you are out and about everyday. And it's good for New Zealand too.

Explore the energy efficiency jigsaw now