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Finding an insulation installer

Good quality, well installed insulation makes your house easier to heat, and healthier.

Finding an insulation installer

EECA recommends using a qualified professional to install or upgrade your insulation, as even small installation faults can compromise its performance.

When choosing an insulation installer, we recommend asking a few questions.

  • Are they familiar with the New Zealand Standard for installing insulation in residential buildings (standard reference NZS 4246:2006)?
  • What level of experience do they have with installing insulation in New Zealand homes?

Shop around and get a number of quotes - see who can give you the best deal. Make sure quotes include the same product types so you are comparing like with like. You should also clarify if there are any extra costs, such as the removal of material from the ceiling or underfloor space, or any extra labour costs. Some providers also offer their own subsidies or special offers so this is something worth asking about in case you are eligible.

Enter your region in the search box below to find a list of insulation installers on the Yellow Pages website:




The Insulation Association of New Zealand also has a list of insulation installers that have gone through the Association's training for installing ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Payment options

There are payment options with local councils and banks that can help with the cost, either by adding it to rates or as a mortgage top up. Find out about the options available.

Is there any Government funding available for insulation?

The Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme offers free ceiling and underfloor insulation for low-income households occupied by people with health needs related to cold, damp housing.

The programme is available in many parts of the country. Home owners or tenants may be eligible if they have a Community Services Card and have children under 17 years or people over 65 living in the household. Although insulation will be free for eligible homeowners and tenants, landlords of the eligible tenants may be asked to make a contribution.

Find a list of providers offering free insulation to eligible households.