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Selling the energy efficient benefits of your home

People want to live in a home that is going to be warm, comfortable and healthy - and without high energy bills. So if you are selling, it makes sense to promote the energy efficiency features of your home.

Features to promote:


Insulation has a big impact on how warm, comfortable and healthy a home is to live in and nearly 50% of New Zealand homes don't have enough ceiling or underfloor insulation in them.[1]

So if your house is insulated, you should include it as a selling point.

If you're unsure, it's fairly straightforward to check whether your home has adequate ceiling and underfloor insulation - find out how to determine if the insulation is adequate.

Heating systems

An efficient and cost effective heating system in your home means the home is much easier and cheaper to heat properly, so the prospective homeowner can benefit from lower running costs.

Clean effective forms of heating include some heat pumps, modern wood or wood pellet burners and good flued gas heaters (not unflued gas heaters). Find out more about home heating.

All day sun in winter

If you have a home that catches the sun, especially on a winter's day then state it in your classified. Our research shows that it is ranked in the top four of must-haves for home buyers.

Double glazed windows

Most homes don't have double glazed windows, but it's a real plus if you do. Double-glazing reduces heat loss and noise from the outside. It also significantly reduces window condensation. Find out about higher performing ENERGY STAR qualified windows.

Hot water systems

If you have a house that offers cost effective hot water, then make a mention of it in your classified. Some hot water systems are more efficient than others, so they're cheaper to run and have less impact on the environment - like solar water heating, heat pump water heating and wetback (wood) water heating.

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[1]EECA estimate based on figures from BRANZ report E466, and the number of homes insulated under EECA-administered retrofit programmes.