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Ceiling insulation

Ceiling insulation is generally the easiest, cheapest and most effective insulation to install in your home. It's a great place to start making your home warm, comfortable and healthy to live in.

Hot air rises, so for most homes making them easier and cheaper to heat properly starts with good ceiling insulation. Fortunately, ceiling insulation is relatively easy to install in houses with accessible roof spaces.

Do you qualify for funding?

Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes offers free ceiling and underfloor insulation for low-income households in many parts of the country. You may qualify if:

  • your home was built before the year 2000, and
  • the home owner or main tenant has a Community Services Card, and
  • you have children under 17 years, adults over 65 years or someone with high health needs living in your home, or
  • you are a landlord with eligible tenants.

To find out if you qualify, contact an insulation service provider in your area.

Check your insulation

If you can do it, get a step ladder and pop your head through the hatch into your roof space and have a look to see if you have insulation.
If there is no insulation on top of your ceiling, then you need to get some.

You will need to add a top up layer of insulation if there is some insulation up there, but it:

  • is less than 12 cm thick (i.e should be thicker than the height of the ceiling joists)
  • doesn't cover the whole ceiling
  • has gaps in it, or places where it is squashed or tucked in

You need to remove the old insulation and start again with a new layer if:

  • it is wet or damp in areas
  • or has been damaged by rodents or birds

View our video on how to check your ceiling insulation.

If you can't check your own insulation, or aren't sure if you need any, get a professional to come and have a look for you. It's free and if you do need some insulation, they can tell you if you qualify for funding.

What sort of insulation?

If you have a preference you could choose between blanket or biscuit insulation, or from the different materials insulation is made from i.e. wool, polyester, glass etc. Shop around to find a provider that uses the type you want.

If you don't have any specific preferences, then your decision might be more price driven. If so, get a quote from 2 or more providers if you can and compare them.

Loose fill insulation does not meet EECA's requirements for funding for a number of reasons. (see more information about ceiling insulation below)

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