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You pay 400% more to run a standard bulb instead of an LED.


Smart lighting choices in your home help reduce your power bill while giving you the look and style you want.

You pay 400% more to run a standard bulb instead of a quality energy efficient LED bulb that gives you the same amount of light. And quality LEDs last a lot longer. You can expect an LED bulb to last 15 years or more. Over the life time, an LED could save you $290 (for each LED bulb) of similar brightness to a 100W standard light bulb.1

1Based on 15,000 hour LED bulb life, LED purchase cost of $25.00 and an electricity price of 0.23c/KWh.

Energy efficient light bulbs.

Choose the right light bulbs

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Light bulb packaging.

Check the bulb packaging

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Light bulbs.

Work out the savings

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Choose a quality product

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Example of lighting in a home.

Lighting design

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Efficient lighting tool.

Efficient lighting tool

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