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  • Guidelines
    25 March 2009

    As a nation, we are committed to using energy wisely and efficiently. As a New Zealander, you can do your bit to help. Improving the energy efficiency of your house means both lower power bills and a warmer, more comfortable home.

    Much of the energy we use in our homes and buildings is wasted or could be reduced. Produced by the Department of Building and Housing, this guide provides detailed information on initiatives to reduce energy use in new homes and buildings.

  • Guidelines
    1 July 2015

    EECA maintains a List of Accepted Insulation Products (ceiling insulation, under floor insulation and electric hot water cylinder wraps) accepted for use under the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme and under voluntary targeted rates schemes run by councils.

    If a particular product is not on the list, this does not imply that product is poor quality. EECA is only requiring registration and test certificates for products used in programmes administered by EECA.

  • Guidelines
    21 March 2014
    EECA is involved in two different insulation programmes:
    • Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes
    • Targeted Rate Schemes

    We aim to deliver quality installations through our network of service providers and specific programmes offered by local government.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    29 June 2010

    Many people think all heat pumps are very energy efficient. But the differences in running costs and performance can vary greatly.

    For more information about choosing and using heat pumps, download this guide.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    1 October 2009

    Being energy efficient in your home is easier than you think.

    With some simple actions and everyday habits you can cut your energy waste and make your home more comfortable and healthy to live in - without compromising your lifestyle.

    Add in some bigger steps, like insulating and choosing efficient appliances, and you'll see an even bigger difference.

    Streamlining your energy use means savings for you and less impact on the environment. Either way you look at it, it's a winner.

    Download this action sheet for energy saving tips for your home.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    9 November 2009

    We all want a warm, comfortable home, but many New Zealand houses are difficult and expensive to heat to healthy temperatures.

    Around 35% of the energy used in the average New Zealand household goes on heating your home. If your home doesn't have adequate insulation (like the majority of our homes), a lot of your heat is just wasted.

    Improving your home's ability to keep in the heat and smart use of a clean, efficient heating system will make your home more cost-effective to run and warmer and healthier to live in.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    29 January 2010

    There's no better time to think about energy efficiency than when you're building or
    renovating. It is when you can go back to the drawing board to really incorporate energy
    efficiency into your design.

    For little or no extra cost, you can create a home that's warmer, more comfortable and more
    cost-effective to run for years to come - and you don't have to compromise on style to do it.

    Designing for energy efficiency also means your home will use less of the world's energy
    resources, so you'll leave a better legacy for generations to come.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    8 June 2010

    Are you in the market for a new home? Whether you're buying or renting, it's worth considering how warm and cheap to run a home will be, before you commit to it.

    Use this handy checklist to give you an indication if a home you're looking at is likely to be an energy-guzzling icebox or a warm, comfortable, energy efficient haven.

  • Guidelines
    1 September 2010

    This practical, plain English guide is for anyone wanting to build a comfortable, energy efficient home. It's has everything a New Zealand homeowner needs to know on the use of glass, mass and insulation for energy efficiency.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    29 January 2010

    This checklist will help assist you with a quick home assessment.

    The list identifies steps for you take, so you can assess - the state of your ceiling insulation, how it is looking under the house and your water heating situation.

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