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Episode 28 :: The benefits of effective insulation - Gary and Rachael's testimonial - transcript

[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE:  The Energy Spot]

Jared is in a garden, there are a bunch of kids with him - and the kids have just finished setting up a tent. Jared says:
A tent can keep the rain off... but it can still get cold... inside.

The kids are now unrolling sleeping bags on a campbed or sleeping roll inside the tent as Jared says:
A sleeping bag keeps you warm and comfortable, by trapping heat in. Insulation in your home works the same way, and makes a real difference...

Jared now walks up towards the house.
But don't just take my word for it...

We now see the inside of the home, we're in a warm inviting family living area. Jared is chatting with the homeowner (Participant One), who says:
This house used to be like an ice-box, so pretty cold. This is the first year that I can remember that we've had no real serious illnesses through winter. Having children it's important to have a nice dry, warm environment.

Tracking mid-shot of Jared inside house, he says:

Insulation makes it easier to heat your home and maintain your heat. Together with an efficient heater your home can be warm, healthy and comfortable, while keeping heating costs down. 

Rachael says:

Now we don't loose that warmth, once it gets inside the house, it stays inside the house. So, I'd say get it done.

We cut back to Jared as he sums up by saying:
Effective insulation and heating can mean fewer days with colds and sickness... which is better for all of us!

[Animated ending sequence and music]



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