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Episode 30 :: Using energy wisely - transcript

[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE - The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared inside a large space. From a tracking mid-shot, we see that Jared is next to a stack of over-sized jigsaw puzzle pieces - each piece is about 300mm x 300mm. Jared says:
Energy is part of life. Think of it like a jigsaw, it's about what we use and how we use it every day.

Jared starts putting pieces into the puzzle. A large piece showing a house is already in position. To this Jared adds pieces showing a roll of insulation, a draught-stopper by a door...

Jared continues:
Starting with a warm comfortable home. Insulation traps heat in. Choosing efficient heating and small things, like draught proofing all help.

Jared says:
Heat from the sun's free, so building or renovating is the time to lock in savings for years.

Jared adds a piece with a Sun symbol.

Jared continues:
For hot water, there are simple ways to save energy, and still have all you need.

Jared adds a tap.

Jared continues:
For every purpose, there's lighting that looks good and uses less energy.

Jared adds: a CFL bulb, a light bulb box with ‘20 watts' on it.

Jared says:
Consider running costs, so you save money in the long run.

We see a group of appliances; a TV, a washing machine, a fridge, and an energy-rating label. As Jared says: ‘saves money in the long run' we move to a close up of an energy-rating label.

Jared continues:
The energy star shows you it's one of the most efficient.

We see a close up of the Energy Star label.

Finally, Jared places a dishwasher in position.

Jared says:
Cars may look the same, but this label lets you compare fuel costs so you can save for years to come.

Already in position is a large piece showing a car. We see a VFEL label.

Jared says:
Whatever business you're in, there are many ways to cut your energy bill.

Already in position is a large piece showing a factory.

Putting it all together can improve our lifestyle, save lots of energy and it's worth $4 billion to us all. Everybody wins!

We fly-over and then pull up to see that all the pieces have created giant jigsaw map of New Zealand - composed of all the images we've seen. We see the final few pieces that Jared has added - to create the statement Putting it together could SAVE UP TO $4BILLION a year.

Jared says:
Check out our website.

[Animated ending sequence and music]


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