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Episode 12 :: Energy efficient renovation

Create a home that’s warm and comfortable for years to come - make energy efficiency part of your renovation.

Make energy efficiency part of your renovation and create a home that's warm and comfortable for years to come.

The things you can't see - like wall insulation and air-tightness - are just as important as how your renovations look. Do it once and do it right, and you'll enjoy better living and lower running costs well into the future.

It's what you can't see that keeps your home warm

Scratch beneath the surface of a warm, comfortable home and you'll find it's what you can't see that really makes a difference.

Here are some tips

arrow icon Get your insulation sorted. Bring your ceiling and underfloor insulation up to good levels throughout your home. Find out more about insulation.
arrow icon If you're getting into your walls, it is a great opportunity to insulate them too.
arrow icon Consider double-glazing. Good double-glazing can half heat loss through windows and reduce condensation and noise.

Find out more about insulation and double-glazing when renovating your home.

Download Action Sheet 5: Create an energy efficient new home or renovation.

Plug up the gaps

Most of us don't need a thermal imaging camera to figure out where heat is escaping from our homes.

Look out for:

arrow icon Gaps around windows, doors, fireplaces, plumbing penetrations and between floorboards. Simple draught-stopping tape, available from hardware stores, can fix this problem. Find out more about air-tightness.
arrow icon Downlights. Many models require holes in your insulation for fire safety reasons, so it's worth upgrading to modern models that can be insulated right up to or over the top of, or looking at alternatives. Find out more about insulation and downlights.

Vent moisture-producing areas to the outside

Kitchens, bathrooms and dryers produce a lot of moisture in a home. If you're renovating, it's a great time to get these damp-creators sorted.

Here's a tip

arrow icon Install externally-vented extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom, and ensure your dryer is externally vented too.

Find out more about ventilation and tackling dampness.

Opt for energy efficient systems

A good renovation coupled with energy efficient systems will give you great comfort and convenience using less energy.

Aim for:

arrow icon A clean, efficient hot water system
arrow icon A well-sized, efficient heating system
arrow icon Lighting that uses less energy
arrow icon Energy efficient products and appliances.

Did you know?

arrow icon An uninsulated home heated with electric heaters can use 20 times more energy than a fully insulated home using heat pumps.
arrow icon Getting a heated towel rail timer installed could save you up to $115 a year. Find out more about installing a heated towel rail timer.