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Fact sheets and brochures

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    1 October 2009

    Being energy efficient in your home is easier than you think.

    With some simple actions and everyday habits you can cut your energy waste and make your home more comfortable and healthy to live in - without compromising your lifestyle.

    Add in some bigger steps, like insulating and choosing efficient appliances, and you'll see an even bigger difference.

    Streamlining your energy use means savings for you and less impact on the environment. Either way you look at it, it's a winner.

    Download this action sheet for energy saving tips for your home.

  • Fact sheets and brochures
    26 May 2010

    Whether you're choosing a new hot water system or using the one you already have, there are some easy ways to reduce your energy use without compromising on convenience.

    About 30% of an average household's energy use goes on water heating, but you may be using more energy than you need to get the hot water you want.

    Cutting out the hot water waste and choosing an efficient new system will lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. It will also make sure more of our country's resources are left for generations to come.

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