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Keeping your home warm and healthy

There are three essentials that work together to create a healthy, energy efficient home – keeping your home warm, ensuring your home is dry and airing it out regularly.

Check out the Energywise essentials below – ensure you cover off all three for a warm, dry, healthy home this winter.

Warm it up

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 18 degrees in our homes. Good insulation, draught stopping and the right type of heater make achieving this easier. Check out our tips and information.

Dry it out

Damp homes can be bad for our health and promote mould and dust mites. Minimising moisture sources is key to keeping your home dry. Find out more about tackling dampness.

Air it out

The average New Zealand household can produce over 8 litres of moisture a day. Good ventilation is essential for removing excess moisture from your home and for maintaining air quality. Use our checklist to see if your home is well ventilated.