Computers and office equipment

An average computer system (desktop box and monitor) costs around $50 a year to run. But the benefit of getting more efficient office equipment doesn’t just stop at energy savings. Often the most efficient products run cooler and lasting longer - so it’s worth shopping around.

Computers and office equipment energy labels

ENERGY STAR® qualified office equipment and imaging products use the latest energy efficient technology. They use less electricity to carry out regular tasks, and when they’re not in use, automatically go into low-consumption mode. ENERGY STAR specifications for computers and imaging equipment include accessories, like external power adapters.

Energy rating labels are also required for standalone monitors, so you can compare models - the more stars, the better for energy efficiency.

 ENERGY STAR qualified products

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 Energy rating labels

Smart use of computers

  • Turn off at the wall - at night or when you’re not using them. 
  • Set up power management features - like putting your computer into ‘sleep mode' after a certain period of inactivity. 
  • Choose a time delay option - to turn off the monitor, hard disks and out the computer in standby mode.