Checking ceiling insulation

If you can do it safely, get a step-ladder and peek through the hatch of your ceiling into your roof space to see if you have insulation.

DIY insulation check

You will need to add a top-up layer of insulation if there is some insulation but it:

  • is less than 12 cm thick (it should be thicker than the height of the ceiling joists)
  • doesn't cover the whole ceiling
  • has gaps in it, or places where it is squashed or tucked in.

You need to remove the old insulation and start again with a new layer if:

  • it is wet or damp in areas
  • has been damaged by rodents or birds.


Video - How to check your ceiling insulation


Professional insulation check

If you can't check your own insulation, or aren't sure if you need any, get a professional to come and have a look for you – this service is often free of charge. If you do need some insulation, they can tell you if you qualify for funding. Look for an installer who:

  • works to the New Zealand insulation installation standard NZS 4246:2016
  • has completed the insulation installer training of the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ).

 New Zealand Standard for installing insulation NZS 4246:2016

The Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme offers funding towards ceiling and underfloor insulation for low-income rental households.

 Funding for insulation