Choosing the right energy efficient bulb

There are different types of energy efficient light bulbs to choose from. Watch the video and read the info below to find out which bulbs to use where.

Watch: The benefits of LED lightbulbs | 1:38 min


  • Very efficient and very long life: use up to 85% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs and can last 15 times longer (based on manufacturer's claims).
  • Each LED bulb you buy to replace an incandescent light bulb can save you between $100 and $300 over its life (depending on the wattage of the bulb you replace).
  • Good for all general lighting around the house.
  • Available in many different types, including as standard lightbulbs, candles, spotlights and recessed downlights.
  • Instant full brightness.
  • Dimmable versions available.
  • 'Warm white' and 'cool white' light colours to choose from. 'Warm white' provides a more comfortable light suitable for homes. 
  • For recessed downlights, replacing the whole fitting with a dedicated LED downlight is recommended.

 Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

  • Efficient and long life: use up to 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs and last more than 6 times longer.

  • Choose LEDs over CFLs when buying new light bulbs. LEDs provide a better quality light, last longer and use even less energy than CFLs.