Gas hot water cylinders

Gas hot water cylinders are especially popular in households that have existing gas connections for other appliances.


  • There's no electricity required, so gas hot water cylinders continue to heat and supply hot water during power cuts.

  • Can be located outside your house, which can free up space inside.

Keep in mind

  • They are less efficient than gas continuous flow systems because they lose heat storing the water.

  • For safety reasons you can't wrap a gas hot water cylinder in insulation (this could obstruct the air flow and extinguish the flame).

  • Gas hot water cylinders have higher heat losses than electric hot water cylinders.

  • The running costs are relatively expensive.

  • Use our water heating tool to compare the upfront and ongoing costs of different water heating options for your situation.

 Water heating tool

How they work

Gas hot water cylinders heat the water in an insulated tank to a temperature set by a thermostat. They typically run on natural gas.