Energy rating labels

Energy rating labels provide information on how much energy a product uses, making it easy for you to compare the energy efficiency of similar appliance models.

Where to find the label

Energy rating labels are displayed on all new whiteware appliances, televisions, computer monitors and heat pumps available for sale in New Zealand.

Star rating


Picture of an energy rating label.

Energy rating labels all have a simple star rating - the more stars on the label, the more energy efficient the appliance is. If you're comparing models for energy efficiency, they must be of the same type - that is, similar in capacity and features. For example, if you’re comparing 2-door 300L fridge/freezers, the one with the most stars will be the cheapest to run. Many top models have 4 or more stars.


Energy consumption figure

Energy rating labels also feature an annual energy consumption (kWh per year). This is calculated based on average expected use of the appliance over a year.

If you’re comparing 2 appliances of different size or type - a small fridge/freezer to a larger fridge - you can't use the stars as they’re based on the size and type of the appliance. Instead, you need to use annual energy consumption figures - the model with the lowest annual energy use will be the cheapest to run.

Other details on the label vary a little from product to product. For more information, look at the page about the appliance you’re interested in.


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