Payment options for insulation and heating

Some local councils and banks have payment options to help you with the cost of installing insulation and heating.

Help from your council

We’re working with local councils to allow you to pay insulation and heating costs as part of your rates bills. You’ll find the councils offering this financial help (at a set interest rate) listed below. Contact them directly for more information.

Auckland Council

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Clutha District Council

Dunedin City Council

Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Invercargill City Council

Marlborough District Council

New Plymouth District Council

South Taranaki District Council

Help from your bank

If you have a mortgage with one of the following New Zealand banks, you might be able to add the cost of insulating your home to your mortgage.

You would pay back the insulation or heating costs with interest over the term of your mortgage. Some banks may agree to waive any associated fees but you should discuss this with them. You just need to:

  • contact your local insulation or heating service provider to get a quote
  • take this quote to your bank
  • discuss the options for adding to your existing mortgage.

Contact the participating banks to find out more about their offer.






Funding for insulation

Before looking into payment options, check whether you’re eligible for funding. The Warmer Kiwi Homes programme offers funding towards ceiling and underfloor insulation for low-income home owners.

 Funding for insulation

Payment options for heating

If you're ill or have a disability, you can apply for help with the cost of heating your home.

Paying for heating – website