Choosing the right vehicle

Buying the most efficient vehicle for your lifestyle can make all the difference to your fuel bill. Fuel consumption can differ hugely - even between similar sized vehicles - so it’s wise to compare models and features. If you want to buy the most efficient vehicle for your lifestyle, there are a few things to consider.


Buy a vehicle that’s fit for purpose. Buying a car that’s bigger than you need may cost you more to run. For even greater fuel efficiency, consider whether one of the many electric or hybrid vehicle options is right for you.

 Electric vehicles

 Hybrid vehicles

Fuel efficiency

Once you’ve decided on the right type of vehicle, look for the most fuel efficient model in that class. This can differ widely between similar types of vehicles, so use the vehicle fuel economy star rating label to make a quick comparison - all new and most used vehicles will display these labels.

 Vehicle fuel economy labels

Fuel economy partners

Our fuel economy partners can help you to calculate the fuel costs of the vehicle that you’re thinking of buying. 

 Fuel economy partners

Special features

There are a number of special features to look out for - especially in newer vehicle models - that can help you save on fuel.

  • Fuel efficient tyres - many tyre manufacturers offer tyres with lower rolling resistance to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency.
  • In–vehicle tyre pressure monitoring systems - alert you when the pressure in any of your tyres falls below a certain threshold.
  • In-vehicle fuel economy meters - provide information on the current/average fuel economy of your vehicle.
  • In-vehicle speed alerts - warn you if you go over a set maximum speed. 

 Fuel efficient tyres

 Fuel efficient tyres tool