Electric vehicle range

With ranges starting from around 100km, a typical, pure EV is easily able to make your everyday journeys – in just one charge.

Average daily car travel in New Zealand is less than 30km, and 90% of all journeys are under 90km – all within an EV’s range.

How far can I go before recharging?

An electric vehicle’s range varies across different models of both battery EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

A Nissan Leaf, the most popular battery EV in New Zealand, has a range of up to 120km for its generation 1 model. Newer models have longer ranges and more high-end vehicles have much greater ranges.

As battery and vehicle technology improves, and fast charging stations become commonplace, range will become less of an issue.

How far can I travel?

Keeping track of your regular journeys using the car’s odometer or Google Maps is an easy way to estimate your daily or weekly driving. You may be surprised at how easily an EV will meet your needs.

If you are planning a trip over 100km, it makes sense to plan your route and think about where to charge during driving breaks.

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