Check your insulation

If you're having trouble keeping your home warm, it's worth checking whether a lack of insulation is the culprit.


Many houses don't have good enough ceiling and underfloor insulation, for a number of reasons. It can move around, get old and thin, and become damaged over time. Or, if you're in an older house, there may not have been any insulation put in when it was built.



[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

Jared is in front of a house. Jared says:

We all know that we loose body-heat through our head. Well it's the same with your home, as heat rises, up to 40% of it can escape up there, through your roof.

Jared points to the roof of the house.

Jared continues:

But it's easily fixed through insulation.

Jared puts on a beanie.

Jared continues:

If you're having trouble keeping your house warm,

Jared pops up through the man-hole of the ceiling and continues:

The first place to check, is in your ceiling. If there's no insulation, there's your problem, if it's moved or there are gaps, simply put it back into position. Also, it needs to be thick to do it's job properly. Here's a tip, make sure it sits above the joist. If it sits below, it could be a case of having to add an extra layer of insulation over the top. Or, it could be time to upgrade your insulation.

Jared now in the hallway walking towards camera moving towards the lounge, as he continues:

Heating your home and having the right insulation is the most effective thing you can do for a warm, comfortable home. Check out our website.

As he says this the website ( appears onscreen.

We cut back to Jared as he sums up by saying:

Effective insulation and heating can mean fewer days with colds and sickness... and reduced hospital admissions, which is better for all of us!

See you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music]

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EECA recommends seeking professional advice when purchasing and insulating insulation,as your situation may be different to that shown here.

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