Choose efficient light bulbs

There are loads of different efficient light bulbs on the market these days. You may be surprised at all the types, shapes, colours, brightness and sizes available – there are efficient light bulbs for virtually every light fitting and occasion.


Whatever you want to light up – there’s an energy saving bulb that’s right for the job.



[Animated opening sequence, music and title:  EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared at home, he's near a row of CDs and says to us:

If you're into music, it's amazing how many ways you can enjoy it...

He points to a row of CDs lined up on a shelf as he says:

From CDs…

Now we move along to see an extreme close-up of an iPod screen:

to mp3s…

We dynamically cut to to see a vinyl record spinning on a turntable, the needle drops into the groove.

…to old school vinyl

Jared wanders over to his laptop where he’s downing music from itunes.

You can stream it, download it…

Now we cut to Jared’s jogging down the street, with a pair of headphones on connected to his mp3 payer. We hear him say:

… and take it with you.

We cut back to inside the house, and we pan across a whole range of bulbs, all out of their packaging and displayed so we can see what there is. From ‘spiral’ and ‘prong’ – to less familiar shapes and sizes, like covered CFLs. We can see that the range also has different glass frosting options like ‘warm light’, ‘cool light’, and ‘daylight’.

And just like music, energy efficient light bulbs give you lots of choice – to get the mood you want, where you want.

Now we see Jared replacing an old bulb in a dining or living space, we see a close up of the old bulb coming out and a new efficient one being fitted.

There’s one for every fitting…

We cut to Jared replacing another old bulb, with an efficient new one in a beautiful chandelier:

…and every occasion. New standards mean energy efficient bulbs are reliable, brighter and last longer.

We see a lighting page from on-screen. Next we see the lighting replacement bulb tool - where we see some energy efficient bulbs and some corresponding savings.

He says:

To find the right bulbs for your home, visit our website.

Now Jared's replacing another bulb, in the living area. We see a super appear for approximately 1 second which reads:

He says:

Replace an old 100 watt bulb with an energy efficient one, they can last up to six times longer and you’ll save up to $140, over the life of the new bulb!

Jared switches on the light and sits down on a comfy chair, points to another bulb, it’s in its packaging. We see a close-up as we pan across two numbers: 24w = 100w.

Here’s a tip. Check the packaging, this one gives you the same light as a 100 watt bulb but with less power!

We cut close up to Jared as he says:

If everyone switched to energy efficient bulbs we would save the same amount of power that Hamilton uses, in a year.  I’ll see you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music, The Energy Spot]

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