Efficient heating options

A good efficient heating system, coupled with proper insulation, will keep your home warmer, healthier and more comfortable all year round.


Some heating systems are much more efficient than others, and for optimal performance, you need one that’s the right size and type for the job.

 Heating and cooling


[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

Open on Jared in a living room. It looks warm and inviting. He says:

This room is properly insulated, and it's at a temperature of 20 degrees.

Jared walks through the living room door and into another room. It's very similar to the first. He says:

And this one's the same size - it's also properly insulated and the temperature is 20 degrees...

So what's the difference?

At this point, the first room pushes into frame, so that we're now seeing a split screen effect. Two identical rooms, each with an identical Jared. The Jared in the first room says:

This home is costing at least twice as much to heat...

The Jared in the second room says:

... as this one... and it's all down to the choice of heating.

The Jared in the first room walks over to a traditional electric heater and says:

Traditional heaters like this can warm a room, but you'll use a lot of electricity doing it.

The Jared in the second room picks up the story and says:

While energy efficient heating systems like...

We see cutaways of an efficient flued gas heater, wood burner, wood pellet burner and a heat pump. They're all on screen an equal amount of time.

... ENERGY STAR flued gas heaters, modern wood burners, wood pellet burners and ENERGY STAR heat pumps produce heat more efficiently and cost less to run.

We cut back to a computer screen that shows the Energywise website, and we hear Jared say:

Go to energywise.govt.nz for advice on choosing an efficient heating system.

The Jared in the first room - the one being heated by an electric heater - says:

Here's a tip...

He indicates a timer and thermostat an oil column heater

If you do you use electric heaters, make use of the timer and thermostat features.

We cut and now we're seeing the split screen with both Jared's as they say:

Heating is about a third of your energy bill. Energy efficient heating helps to give you a warmer, drier, healthier home, and means we're all using less energy too!

On a final note they both chime:

See you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music, The Energy Spot]


Graphic: www.energywise.govt.nz

EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate.

Logo: New Zealand Government

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