Energy efficient renovation

Create a home that’s warm and comfortable for years to come - make energy efficiency part of your renovation.


Make energy efficiency part of your renovation and create a home that's warm and comfortable for years to come.

The things you can't see - like wall insulation and air-tightness - are just as important as how your renovations look. Do it once and do it right, and you'll enjoy better living and lower running costs well into the future.



[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

Jared is in the living/dining area of a house that has been renovated. It looks pretty stylish.

When renovating, many people focus on getting the look right. But don't spend enough time focussing on something just as important... things they can't see.

Jared holds up an infra-red camera.

I'll show you with this infra-red camera. The blue, shows where heat is being lost.

We see the infra-red image in the camera, the wall is showing blue. We cut to a few more infra red shots, the ceiling is better but we can see blue / green around the down lights, and the floors are blue.

Now Jared walks into a room in a different house. He says:

Not getting it right could cost 20 times as much to heat your home. But in this house... they got it right.

He points the camera again and we see the view, this time there's plenty of red areas.

Jared walks into a different part of the house, another room that is in the throes of being renovated. He says:

Planning your building or renovation is the time to lock in long-term energy savings.
On our website you can research independent information to help you make energy efficient choices...

We cut in close to Jared. A web address appears onscreen:

... on heating systems, lighting, appliances and more.

As he says this, in a series of cuts we show an Energy Star Heat Pump, efficient lighting, a new extractor fan over oven set up.

Jared is now in a bathroom which is also being renovated. An electrician is installing a heated towel rail timer, he's replacing the cover over the timer, sealing the timer into the wall.

Here's a tip, install a timer on your heated towel rail next time you need an electrician.

A note appears on screen: You could save up to $115 a year.

Finally, we cut to Jared inside the room as he sums up:

Do it once, do it right. Renovating is the time to make a positive difference, and get a great looking home that's warm and comfortable... with lower energy bills for years to come.

See you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music, The Energy Spot]



EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate.

Savings calculations available on website.

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