Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure affects your car's fuel efficiency, safety and handling, so it's important to make sure your tyres are correctly inflated.


Tyre pressure affects your car's fuel efficiency because incorrectly inflated tyres require a bigger force to make them turn, meaning cars end up using more fuel.

 Tyre pressure


Opening title - ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot

We open on Jared, he's outside and he asks us an intriguing question... 

Jared: What's invisible, absolutely free, is everywhere, and can save you $100 in fuel every year?

Jared holds up an inflated balloon, he lets go off it and it flies off-screen

Jared: It's air.

Now we see he's standing next to two cars, on a Boomrock type test track. There's an expert driver in one of the cars - he's there prove to the audience that no matter how good a driver you are, you'll get the same result.

Jared: These cars are identical, but...this one has less air in the tyres.

Now Jared is at the side of the track, we pan from Jared to see one of the cars at the start of the test, a row of cones lined up in front of it. 

Jared: In a random check of 100 cars...half had underinflated tyres.

We see the car trying to zig-zag through the cones. It knocks over a few cones.

We see the cars interior, the driver is having to work hard to drive the car and we see the rev counter.

Jared: So, the engine is having to work a lot harder to move the car, which uses 4% more fuel.

And... it's not safe.

The car brakes, however it takes few metres to stop, and it knocks over cardboard cut of Jared. Jared flinches.

Now we see the other car going along the same course, as Jared says:

Jared: With correctly inflated tyres, handling's improved...

The car is easily negotiating the cones, zig-zagging between them.

Jared: It's safer and it's using less fuel...

The car comes to a halt by Jared.

Jared: You could save around 1 tank of fuel a year.

Jared: To find the correct pressure for your car...

He shows us the inside of the drivers side door.

Jared: look here, check the manual or use our tyre pressure tool

Graphic: energywise.govt.nz

Jared connects the air hose to each tyre and checks the pressure, putting air in when heeded. He says:

Jared: Here's a tip, check your tyre pressure every month and before long journeys.

Now we see Jared in front of some fuel tankers. They're massive. He says:

Jared: If we all drove on the correct tyre pressure, New Zealand would save enough fuel to fill 1,500 of these.

End Frame Graphic: EECA ENERGYWISE logo, web address, NZ Government logo, plus disclaimer "EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate"

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