Harness the sun to heat your home

If you're building or renovating, it's the perfect time to make choices that will harness the sun's free heat to warm your home.


The sun’s energy – there’s massive amounts of it and it’s absolutely free. If you’re building or renovating, it’s the perfect time to make choices that will harness the sun’s free heat to warm your home.

Your design choices will have a big impact on how your home can use the sun’s energy. Get it right from the start and you’ll have a warm, comfortable home – and much lower heating bills – for years to come.




[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE - The Energy Spot]

Jared's inside an observatory, standing in front of the main telescope.

Jared moves in the observatory and we see two large computer screens with fiery images of the sun, he says to us:

There's an energy source that's absolutely free, that we could all make better use of.

We see a scientist next to the computers with impressive shots of the sun.

Jared: So Pauline, how hot is the sun?

Pauline: Well, it's around about 6,000 degrees celcius.

[Graphic appears: Dr. Pauline Harris - Victoria University]

Jared: Should be hot enough to heat a house then?

Pauline: Yeah.

Now we cut to see Jared's in a house that's being renovated. We see various shots of the house, it's a smart modern building under construction. He says to us:

Incredibly, the sun provides around 50 times the energy you need to heat your home.

So, the perfect time to look into using the sun to keep your home warm and comfortable is when you're planning your renovation or building.

We see Jared in a living room under construction, (sun is streaming in through the windows). Jared gestures to the renovations around him.

That's the time to save on future heating costs. If you don't, the consequences will be with you for years to come.

Let the heat in and trap it in. Think about the size of your windows, double-glazing and insulation. Also concrete floors and walls can soak up heat to release later.

Jared walks up to the window, he holds his hand up to the window as though feeling the heat coming through it.

Here's a tip. Every two square metres of north facing window can bring in as much warmth as a one kilowatt heater.

Jared turns to us and sums up by saying:

For some hot tips to make the most of the sun... visit energywise.govt.nz.

See you next time!

[Animated ending sequence and music]


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