Heat loss in the home

In this episode we'll look at where heat escapes from in our homes, how we can hold in the heat, and how to stop cold air coming in.


Many New Zealand homes are cold and uncomfortable because heat leaks out through gaps and uninsulated area.

Plugging up the gaps and getting well-installed insulation into your home will make it easier to heat, and warmer, drier and healthier to live in.

 Find and stop draughts

 Install good quality insulation



[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

We see the Energy Spot presenter, Jared Turner. He’s in the kitchen of our house, and he says to us:

He holds up a kitchen sieve up so we can see the mesh of hundreds of holes, he turns on the tap and runs the water through the sieve. He says:

What does a sieve and most New Zealand homes have in common? Hundreds of tiny holes! Like water streaming through a sieve, heat streams out of houses...

We cut back to Jared:

… through holes and gaps in ceilings, walls, floors and windows. Heat always finds places to escape!

Jared is now in the living room, he indicates a large ‘cut out’ hole on the wall, you can see the outside garden.
Add it up and it’s like having a hole this big in your wall. You can turn up the heating, but you’ll just be burning money. 

In a series of cuts  we see an open ceiling trapdoor, the floor, walls, a draught stopped door, and then the window.
So, trap heat in with effective insulation in ceilings, walls and floors… and draught-proof doors and windows. Consider curtains that go right to the floor.

We cut to see Jared as pulls the curtains shut:
Here’s a tip, drawing curtains before the dark, retains the heat from the day.

We now cut to see the outside of the house – it’s a computer animated version. An animated graphic appears – a line that represents a ‘thermal blanket’. It outlines the ceiling, walls and floor. We see graphic ‘heat arrows’ being prevented from ‘escaping’, they’re being blocked by the line. Over this we hear Jared say:
A properly insulated house is like having a thermal blanket wrapped around your home, trapping heat in, keeping it warm and comfortable.

Jared is now standing in front of the real house and he says:
If we all made a small effort all the time, we could save the country over $100 million dollars in energy each year. 
I’ll see you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music]

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