Home entertainment appliances

Cut your energy use by choosing energy efficient home entertainment appliances and using them wisely.


We are buying more home entertainment products than ever before, and we use them for longer - so it's worth looking at how much energy they use.

Efficient home entertainment appliances will give you the same great performance using less energy. It's not just what you buy - how you use them also makes a real difference. Wise choices will add up to lower power bills and more energy resources left for the future.

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[Animated opening sequence, music and title:  EECA ENERGYWISE - The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared. He’s at home, we see a close up of Jared’s face, at floor level (he is not in a standing position). He is at the level of the DVD and Stereo as he asks us:

What uses a lot of energy, but we get little benefit from?

We see a close-up of Jared’s hand, he’s putting several Monopoly houses in a formation. Then we see a series of shots (static close ups) of appliances on standby as Jared gives us the answer.

Electronic appliances on standby.

We cut back to Jared, he says:

Believe it or not, they use enough energy to power…

We see a close up of Jared’s hand, holding a single green Monopoly house:

not one… but over 55,000 homes… each year! That’s huge!

Jared places the Monopoly house into an amazing design on the floor. Thousands of Monopoly houses arranged on the ground to spell out the words 55,000 HOMES EACH YEAR.

Now we cut to Jared in front of his TV, stereo with speakers:

It’s a growing problem, we’re buying more and more appliances. By 2020 we could have so many they’ll require double the power we use now.

Now Jared is in an appliance store. It’s full of TVs and electronic gear. He walks up to a pair of TVs and says to us:

The amount of power similar appliances use varies. This TV uses around half the power of this one. Yet they cost about the same.

He walks up to another TV and says:

Choose products with a low standby wattage and … look for the Energy Star. It shows it’s one of the most energy efficient.

We see a close-up of the Energy Star label.

We cut back to Jared in his home, He walks over to his computer. He says:

Here’s a tip. There are over 10 million home electronic products in New Zealand homes.

So, switching off when you’re done makes a huge difference.

Back in lounge. Jared stands in front of his TV, entertainment centre. The standby lights are off. Tracking back to reveal the 55,000 graphic is still on the floor. He puts his hand on top of his swish TV as he says:

It’s not about giving things up, … just choosing … and using them wisely.

I’ll see you next time.

[Animated ending sequence and music, The Energy Spot]


Graphic: www.energywise.govt.nz

EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate.

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