Switch off and save

A few simple switch-off habits can add up to big energy savings, and could save your household around $200 a year.


There are lots of easy, energy saving habits you can get into around your home.

 Simple ways to lower your energy bills


[Animated opening sequence, music and title:  EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

Jared is at a school playing field, and we see a group of kids – boys and girls aged around nine – at soccer practice! They’re going at it with heaps of enthusiasm and energy.

The kids are having a great time – we catch some great charming moments as we see them - dribbling round cones, practising, shooting, passing and heading. They’re really into it, and Jared says:

Practise makes perfect.  The more you do something, the better you get at it!

As he says this we see one of the kids is doing ‘keep-up’, she’s really good at it, bouncing the ball on her feet – it never touches the ground! Over this Jared says:

It’s the same with energy savings – it’s about getting into the habit.

We now cut, and Jared’s in a house, he’s with a couple of the kids from the soccer training – they’re going to show us how to get into the energy efficient habit! Jared says:

And it’s the little things that make a big difference…

As Jared continues the kids go around the house, we see them switch off a light in an empty room. They switch off an appliance that’s on standby, a heated towel rail and a PlayStation. Jared says:

Do simple things like this… and this… at home and work, until it becomes the norm.

 We cut to see one of the kids is at the table and is adding to a list that is then fixed to it the fridge by a magnet, we can see it includes things like ‘Switch off towel rail’ and ‘Switch of charger when phone is charged’. Jared says:

Here’s a tip, make a list of easy things you can do, put it where the whole family can see it … and keep adding to it!

We cut back to Jared at he says:

Switching on to switching off could save your household around $200 dollars a year!  And if we all did it we could save the country over $320 million dollars each year.

Now Jared is coming out of the house, he’s walking towards a giant switch, kids are milling around and playing and he says:

It’s not only about saving money, it’s about doing our bit and looking after resources for future generations…

He stands next to giant switch, the group of kids has joined him. He says:


They flick the switch off and they all cheer:


He finishes off by saying:

For more energy saving ideas visit energywise.govt.nz.

[Animated ending sequence and music]

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