Using energy wisely

From making toast to powering a factory, energy is part of all our lives. Think of it like a jigsaw - it's about connecting all the pieces around how we use energy at home, on the road and at work every day.


Using energy wisely needn't be hard work and you don't need to go without. You can start by doing free or low cost things that make a difference. Smart choices will help you get the most from your energy.

 Simple ways to save energy


[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE - The Energy Spot]

We open on Jared inside a large space. From a tracking mid-shot, we see that Jared is next to a stack of over-sized jigsaw puzzle pieces - each piece is about 300mm x 300mm. Jared says:
Energy is part of life. Think of it like a jigsaw, it's about what we use and how we use it every day.

Jared starts putting pieces into the puzzle. A large piece showing a house is already in position. To this Jared adds pieces showing a roll of insulation, a draught-stopper by a door...

Jared continues:
Starting with a warm comfortable home. Insulation traps heat in. Choosing efficient heating and small things, like draught proofing all help.

Jared says:
Heat from the sun's free, so building or renovating is the time to lock in savings for years.

Jared adds a piece with a Sun symbol.

Jared continues:
For hot water, there are simple ways to save energy, and still have all you need.

Jared adds a tap.

Jared continues:
For every purpose, there's lighting that looks good and uses less energy.

Jared adds: a CFL bulb, a light bulb box with ‘20 watts' on it.

Jared says:
Consider running costs, so you save money in the long run.

We see a group of appliances; a TV, a washing machine, a fridge, and an energy-rating label. As Jared says: ‘saves money in the long run' we move to a close up of an energy-rating label.

Jared continues:
The energy star shows you it's one of the most efficient.

We see a close up of the Energy Star label.

Finally, Jared places a dishwasher in position.

Jared says:
Cars may look the same, but this label lets you compare fuel costs so you can save for years to come.

Already in position is a large piece showing a car. We see a VFEL label.

Jared says:
Whatever business you're in, there are many ways to cut your energy bill.

Already in position is a large piece showing a factory.

Putting it all together can improve our lifestyle, save lots of energy and it's worth $4 billion to us all. Everybody wins!

We fly-over and then pull up to see that all the pieces have created giant jigsaw map of New Zealand - composed of all the images we've seen. We see the final few pieces that Jared has added - to create the statement Putting it together could SAVE UP TO $4BILLION a year.

Jared says:
Check out our website.


[Animated ending sequence and music]


EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate

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