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If it's time for a new car, it's worth choosing a car that meets your needs, in a fuel efficient model. Fuel efficiency can really differ, even between similarly sized cars.


Work out the right type of car for you, and then shop around for the most fuel efficient vehicle for the job. Choosing an efficient car will cut your running costs for years to come, and it's much better for the environment.

An easy way to compare fuel efficiency is to look at the fuel economy label, which appears on all new cars and many late-model used cars. The more stars, the more efficient the car.

 Choosing the right vehicle

 Vehicle fuel economy labels


[Animated opening sequence, music and title: EECA ENERGYWISE: The Energy Spot]

Open on Jared walking through a car showroom.

He asks:
Did you know that every car has two prices?

He stops by a car and points out the price in the windscreen

He says:
The one on the windscreen, and the price of fueling it.

We now see an overhead shot of two cars. The first car moves forward to reveal a graphic that reads: 5 Year Fuel Costs $ 9,000

The second car pulls away to reveal a graphic that reads: 5 Year Fuel Costs $16,000

We hear Jared say:
Fuel costs can vary a lot between similar vehicles over the life time of the car.

We now see the ENERGYWISE website vehicle fuel economy page, and then the vehicle fuel economy tool.

We hear Jared say: has a tool to help you compare vehicles that shows you their average yearly fuel cost so you can see which one offers you the best fuel economy.

Next, we see a man at a laptop computer, browsing a car sale listing online. We see the laptop screen from over his shoulder. On the screen we see a Vehicle Fuel Economy badge, then we see a Vehicle Fuel Economy Label displayed in a car window.

We hear Jared say:
When you’re looking to buy a car, the Fuel Economy rating lets you know the
cost of fuelling the car over a year. Look for it displayed in sale listings, and in car windows.

Now we see close-up of the star Fuel Economy Rating and Litres per 100km – an animated sequence where we see the number of stars increase from half a star to six stars, and the corresponding reduction of litres per 100km, showing the more stars, the more fuel efficient.

We hear Jared say:
Here’s a tip: check out the stars. The more stars a car has, the better the fuel economy.

Now we see Jared in the car showroom. He says:
Whatever vehicle you need, there’s a choice that will save you fuel and money.

We see a wider view of Jared in the car showroom. He walks across the showroom as he says:
By choosing the kind of car that you want that’s also fuel efficient you’re on the
road to saving money and reducing the cost to our environment.
For more information visit

Last, we see the end frame graphics.

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Baseline: EECA recommends seeking professional advice where appropriate.
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