Vehicle fuel economy

Ever wondered how one car’s fuel economy stacks up against another's? Choose a type of vehicle below to compare. Or choose a specific vehicle and we’ll provide a couple of similar models for comparison.



How far can each vehicle travel on $100 of fuel? *How far a vehicle travels on $100 of fuel is based on ${{model.fuelPrice.petrol}} per litre of petrol and ${{model.fuelPrice.diesel}} per litre of diesel. It does not include Road User Charges.

Change your yearly kms: {{model.annualDistance}}
Average yearly running costs *Average yearly running costs based on {{model.annualDistance}}km, ${{model.fuelPrice.petrol}} per litre for petrol and ${{model.fuelPrice.diesel}} for diesel and includes Road User Charges for diesel vehicles.

{{value.make}} {{value.model}} {{value.submodel}}

{{value.make}} {{value.model}} {{value.submodel}}

ENGINE: {{value.engineType}}
FUEL: {{value.fuelType}}
TRANS: {{value.transmission}}
SEATS: {{value.seats}}
YEAR: {{value.year}}


Fuel economy


Fuel economy

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this tool is provided for comparative purposes. Your actual cost per year and fuel consumption may vary from that shown, depending on factors such as vehicle condition and any vehicle modifications, driving style, traffic conditions, distance travelled and fuel price variations.

Currently we can only provide fuel economy data for New Zealand new cars from 2006 and most Japanese imports from 2000. However more data is being added regularly, so if you can't find a particular vehicle, please check back soon.