Energy efficient light bulbs tool

Using energy efficient light bulbs is a great way to manage your electricity bills. Use this tool to select your current bulb, find out which energy efficient light bulbs you could replace it with and how much you could save on your power bill each year.

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See the savings you will make, use this slider to select the number of bulbs you need to replace

Running costs per year {{ model.current.calculateRunningCosts(model.nbBulbs) | currency : "$" }}
Running costs per year {{ model.efficient.calculateRunningCosts(model.nbBulbs) | currency : "$" }}
Savings per year {{ (model.current.calculateRunningCosts(model.nbBulbs) - model.efficient.calculateRunningCosts(model.nbBulbs)) | currency : "$" }}
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Savings based on the bulb being used three hours per day at 27c per kWh. Savings do not include purchase costs. The life span displayed is approximate and based on 1,000 hours use per year. The life span of LEDs has been capped at 10+, but good quality LEDs may last much longer.

Shopping tips

Here are some tips to remember when you are buying energy efficient bulbs.

Choose the right shade

Warm white produces the same colour as standard bulbs, making it perfect for use around the whole house.
Cool white produces a bluer light which has a higher lumen output (brighter light source) meaning it is better suited to areas where reading or tasks are being performed such as a kitchen, garage, bathroom or study.

Extra features

Check the bulb you're considering has the features you need, like if you need them to work with a dimmer switch or in a downlight.

Get the right base

Make sure the base of the new bulb (e.g. bayonet or screw fitting) is the same as the one you're replacing. If it doesn't fit, don't force it.

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The energy efficient light bulbs tool is designed to estimate how much money you could save by changing to energy efficient light bulbs.

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